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Introducing The Activist Bubble! Meg Carnaroli and Sarah Steinberg (long-time friends and activists) have teamed up to explore the Democratic Activist Community. Join us here each week!

Episode 9: The Just Crusaders

Today we explore the fifth and final group of Activist Leaders: the Just Crusaders. On the “Leader Ship” they would occupy the Crow’s Nest. Because of that bird’s eye view and perceived distance from the rest of the community, Just Crusaders are uncompromising in their focus on the mission –


Episode 8: The Lead Actors

Today we explore all of the ways in which a Lead Actor Activist shines. These leaders stand out for the unique talents and skills they bring to the table. They are engaging and magnetic. Personable and passionate. Nurturing and vulnerable. On the “Leader Ship” they would be at home in


Episode 7: The Good Soldiers

Let’s hear it for the Good Soldiers! These Activists contribute so much to the Democratic Activist Community. By “leading from within,” the Good Soldiers employ a subtle mentorship style of leadership.  Today we explore what it looks like when a Good Soldier thrives and what happens when the dreaded burn-out


Episode 6: The Chiefs of Staff

We are heading to the “map room” of the Leader Ship and discussing the Chiefs of Staff. This is the second (of the five) type of Activist Leader who shows up to change the world for the better. These leaders are unconventional, pragmatic, strategic, and rather dramatic too. And while


Episode 5: The Hopeful Romantics

Hopeful Romantics are right there – right out in front. The captain. This is who you’ve seen jump up on hay bales, kissing babies, running for office, creating petitions, starting organizations. The Democratic Activist Community makes lots of room for these kinds of Activists and treats everyone who shows up


Episode 4: The Leader Ship

Welcome aboard the “Leader Ship” We now know that all of the people who show up to help in Democratic Activism aren’t simply followers, but rather LEADERS. The new question is: so what? In this episode, Meg and Sarah talk about grouping Activists into different types of leaders so we